Twin Falls

Exit I-64/I77 at Beckley, West Virginia at Exit 42(marked Beckley and Robert C. Byrd Drive). From Exit 42 it is 28 miles (45 minutes) to Twin Falls Lodge.

From the Exit Ramp turn right onto Rt 16 South/Rt 97 West (marked Sophia, Mullens). Drive approximately 3.5 miles on Rt 16 South/Rt 97 West. This is all a 4-lane road.

Bear right onto Rt 54 South towards Mullens.

Drive approximately 15 miles on Rt 54 South. You will drive through the towns of Glen White and Lester. These towns are locally noted for very strict enforcement of their speed limits, so be careful.

At Maben (about a quarter of a mile past Maben Easy Stop) turn right onto Rt 97 West.

Drive 5.5 miles on Rt 97 West. About a quarter of a mile past the Exxon Station you will come to a STOP sign. Turn left onto Bear Hole Road. It is 4.1 miles to Twin Falls Lodge.