Passport Stamps

What is a National Park Passport Stamp?

Passport Cancellation Stamps are available at National Park visitor centers and ranger stations. You can also find cancelation stamps at other public trusts such as National Heritage Areas. The stamps are much like postal cancelation stamps and are used to record your visit to the park or Heritage Area. Stamps are used to encourage visitors to come and discover the history and natural beauty of our National Parks and Heritage Areas.

Who runs the Passport program?

The Passport program is run by Eastern National, a non-profit organization. The program began in 1986. The goal of Eastern National is to promote the understanding and support of Americas National Parks and other public trusts. Profits from from Eastern National’s products are donated to the National Park Service and other partners to further support these programs. Since 1947, Eastern National has donated over $89 million to the National Park Service.

How do I collect Passport Stamps?

Passport stamps are collected in Passport Books sold by Eastern National. You can find these books in over 250 bookstores in more than 130 National Park locations. Passport books provide 5 pages for each of the nine regions making up the passport stamp program.  Each page is large enough to allow the participant room to stamp each page with a rubber stamp found at the visitor’s center in each participating site.

Where can I find Passport cancelation stamps?

The Passport to Your National Parks program has divided the United States into 9 regions. Passport books are divided into the same regions for ease of use and organization purposes.  Each region has a different color ink.

All 50 states and two territories (US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico) participate in the program.  A listing of all locations can be found by linking to

 For additional information please contact Eastern National or the National Park Service.